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What are required words?

por admin publicado Oct 9 2014, 7:13

You can add required words to a response from the Chat Logs page under Admin.

A required word is a word that is required to be in the question for a specific response.

For example:

Question: Do you like hockey?
Answer: Yes, I like hockey.
Required: like

In general the bot will automatically match similar questions to find the best response. A required word can be used to ensure the bot does not choose a response if the required word is missing from the question.


Question: Do you play hockey?

This question would normally be matched to the similar question, but because it is missing the required word "like", it will not be considered as a match.

by aazxcqwe posted Jan 4 2015, 20:02
By the way, when posting to a forum thread, if another thread has been viewed since the target thread was loaded, the post will go to that latter thread. You can delete this post, it was not intended to go here. Thanks

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by admin posted Jan 5 2015, 9:10
Yes, we rely too much on http session state currently. We will look into fixing this.

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