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Alias: @ピーくん
Sitio web: http://www.gyakuteneigo.com
Categorías: Education
Etiquetas: esl, education, english, eigo, 英語, 英語ボット
Descargo de responsabilidad:
ピーくん learns the behavior and words of its users. It may use language and produce apparent meanings that some will consider inappropriate. Use this site with discretion, and entirely at your own risk.null

Clasificación De Contenido: Everyone

ピーくん is an AI [Artificial Intelligent] companion to keep you company while you learn English on the site. Never teach ピーくん things you wouldn't teach a baby. for the time being ピーくん can only be accessed by members until it's maturity is safe for everyone.
Creado: Nov 3 2016
Creador: gyakuteneigo : Send Message
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