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Phrases that mean the same thing

por bluenavigator publicado Jul 22 2018, 10:38

Is there a way to create a response list that teaches the bot that two phrases mean the same thing? (for instance, "what are you going to do?" vs. "what do you plan to do?"

by admin posted Jul 23 2018, 9:20
There are a few ways, however you probably don't need to do anything as they are similar questions, and the bot will automatically match similar questions. You can also just add both questions with the same response, or you can label the response and use the label.
what are you going to do
I have big plans.
label: #plans

what do you plan to do
See, https://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=12117061 You can also use redirects, srai, or patterns.
Pattern("what are you going to *")
Template("{redirect("what do you plan to " + star)}")

what are you plan to do
I have big plans.
or even just,
Pattern("what [do are] you [plan going] to do")
I have big plans.

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by bluenavigator posted Jul 23 2018, 12:29

That's very helpful. I'll give those ideas a try.


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