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por Billnichols publicado Feb 11 2016, 8:52


I am now experimenting with chat import.  I have a few questions:

1/ If I would like to give the same answer to similar questions, I know how I can do this in AIML.  I'd prefer to do this via chat scripts (most preferably) or Self, basically because I like the idea of fuzzier matching that I see in the AI engine.  Is there a way to do this (other than having two questions in the chat script with the same answer).

2/ What impact does the 'topic' tag have on program behavior?

3/ Regarding keywords:

  • I suppose multiple keywords are comma-separated.  Is there such a thing as "key phrases"?  For instance, suppose I'd like to match on the phrase "sold out" or other common phrases?
  • Is it possible to include keywords that are not in the question, but would serve as hints to get to an answer?




by admin posted Feb 11 2016, 10:08

1 - Bot Libre supports labels. A label lets you name a response and then reuse it just using the name. You can set the label for a response from the Training & Chat Logs page, or in a response list file. To reference a label just put the label name as the response i.e. #hello (labels must start with a #).


Hello Hello, how may I be of service? label: #hello Hi #hello How is it going? #hello

You can also use AIML or Self SRAI redirects in a response, or in a response list file. Labels are simpler and more efficient than AIML SRAI redirects as they are just an indexed reference to the response, and do not require a recursive evaluation.

You can use Patterns, Formulas, and even AIML in a response list file.

Hello Hello, how may I be of service? Pattern:"^ hello ^" Formula:"{redirect "hello"}" <pattern>^ hello ^</pattern> <template><srai>hello</srai></template>

2 - Topics set the topic of the conversation. If a topic has been set on the conversation, responses that have the same topic will take precedence over other responses. The topic can also be used inside AIML or Self scripts.


3 - Keywords are space separated, not comma. Keywords will match a question if it has any of the keywords. You can add keywords that are not in the original question to match other questions with the keyword. To match a specific set of words use required words. To match a sequence of words you can use a pattern.


Hello Hello, how may I be of service? keywords: hello hi hey howdy It is sold out? You can email us your order, and we will contact you when we get more in. keywords: sold out required: sold out Pattern:"^ sold out ^" You can email us your order, and we will contact you when we get more in.

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