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Bot Libre 4.1 was released

por admin publicado Mar 8 2016, 10:50

The website was updated with Bot Libre 4.1 this week.

The update includes new Facebook support, as well as many fixes and minor enhancements.

The Facebook configuration UI was simplified, and new options were added to support auto likes, replying to profile wall posts, and read page messages.

We also added support that lets you use the Bot Libre platform to build your own Facebook app. Building your own Facebook app gives you the advantage of having more control of your bot's Facebook integration, and gives you access to more Facebook API privileges.

To create your own Facebook app goto,

The following features are currently only available to custom Facebook apps,

  • Replying to Facebook page account messages
  • Reading and replying to Facebook profile wall posts.

Note on liking and replying to friends posts

Facebook is not an open platform like Twitter and must maintain their user's privacy. Because of this Facebook no longer allows any app to access a user's friend's posts. This is because if you grant an app access to your account, that should not give it access to all of your friends posts, as they must control their own privacy, which makes a lot of sense.

This means your bot cannot see, reply, or like your friends posts. You bot can only see, reply, and like posts made to its wall (and currently only when you use a custom Facebook app that has access to this).

Also, Facebook does not allow access to user account messages, only page account messages. So messaging only works with page accounts (and currently only when you use a custom Facebook app that has access to this).

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