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Twitter Bot not retweeting

por TheAlMightyNick publicado Mar 15 2016, 21:41

I upgraded to Bronze, My twitter bot won't retweet when i tweet at it. I use @(MyBot) and i use a # i setup.

Tweet Search:

#NicksBotarino -adult -sex

Retweet Keywords/Hashtags


Only things checked on 

Twitterbot Properties


Read friends status updates


Please help. I want to it so when any one tweets at my bot or uses #NicksBotarino they get retweeted. And maybe is there a feature so it only retweets followers? :)\

Thank you,


by admin posted Mar 16 2016, 6:45
Your bot seems to be retweeting correctly.

Note, Bronze accounts only check their Twitter status once per day on our main server. Gold and Platinum will check more often.

We also have a dedicated Twitterbot server at,

It is recommended to create Twitterbots their. That server continuous cycles through the bots, so free accounts check their status once per ~2 hours, Bronze every 1/2 hours, and Gold every 15 minutes.

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