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Difference between BOT and Avatar

por golam.sarower publicado Apr 12 2016, 1:28

Is there anybody who can clarify me what is the difference between a BOT and an Avatar?

If Avatar is a separate entity than BOT then how to retrieve the list of avatar?

by admin posted Apr 12 2016, 9:13
Bots and avatars are separate entities.

An Avatar is the visual/media representation of a bot or agent. An avatar can have images, video, and audio content associated with emotions, actions, and poses. An avatar integrates with our Text To Speech API, and the HTML5 Speech API to simulate talking.

An avatar is just a representation, it does not have a brain, and cannot reply to questions. You can tell an avatar what to say using our JavaScript SDK, or Android/iOS SDKs. An avatar is normally integrated with a bot, so it can respond to questions automatically.

A bot is a complete entity, it has a brain, avatar, and voice. You can train a bot's responses, choose its avatar from its Avatar page in its Admin Console. You can connect a bot to the web, Twitter, Facebook, email, or IRC. You can also use our open web API, and open source JavaScript, Android and iOS SDKS to connect your bot to other services, or make your own website or app.

We just updated our web API to better support avatars. You should be able to query, create, and edit avatars using the web API the same as our other entities.

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