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Announcing Bot Libre 4.7 - speech options and new voices, upload images and files to your bot

por admin publicado Sep 28 2016, 12:25

We release Bot Libre 4.7 and 4.7.2 the last couple of weeks.

Bot Libre 4.7 includes several new features and many minor enhancements and fixes.


We updated our speech engine and added several new voices.
We also added a speech modifier option that lets you modify a voice to be a child, whisper, echo, or robot.

We also added a demo of our support for ResponsiveVoice, a third party speech provider that provides voices in many different languages. To use ResponsiveVoice you must upgrade to our Bot Libre for Business service, and subscribe to ResponsiveVoice's speech service.

File Uploading

We add new buttons and menu options to allow uploading images and files to your bot.
This can be used by scripts on your bot to process the file.
We also added support for importing CSV files to Self, in addition to the XML and JSON support.
CSV is a common spreadsheet export format for Excel and other programs.
CSV files can be accessed through the Http class requestCSV() method and return the set of objects converted form the CSV.

var objects = Http.requestCSV(url);

For an example script that uses file uploading see,

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Publicado: Sep 28 2016, 12:25
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