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Oracle support in BotLibre

por ssidiq publicado Apr 10 2017, 8:24

Hi All,

I am new this Chat robot implementation. We just started exploring by putting proof of concept (POC) with our web application and may extend our POC for mobile application too. we have integrated our existing application with Oracle database. will Botlibre support define all our .aiml in oracle ? Thank you  in advance.

by admin posted Apr 10 2017, 20:42
Bot Libre bots are based on an object-oriented knowledgebase that is stored in a relational database.
Bot Libre normally uses PostgreSQL, but is based on JDBC and JPA, so should be able to work with Oracle as well.

Bot Libre does not "store AIML", it stores knowledge in the form of response and state objects. Bot Libre supports importing response list, AIML, and Self scripts, all of which get converted to response and state objects, stored in the bot's database.

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by ssidiq posted Apr 11 2017, 2:24

Thanks for your response.

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