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Announcing My Virtual Assistant Julie 5.2

por admin publicado May 29 2017, 10:19

We recently released My Virtual Assistant Julie for Android 5.2.

My Virtual Assistant Julie is a virtual assistant for your phone and can open apps, send email and texts, set alarms, and also chat about general topics and small talk. You can also create your own customized Julie assistant and customize her avatar, voice, responses, and commands.

The new release includes several new features including:

  • Hands free speech recognition
  • Custom avatar designer
  • New zoom options
  • Localized to many different languages

Download from Google Play, My Virtual Assistant Julie on Google Play

Hands Free Speech

Custom Avatar Designer

by bobred posted Jun 18 2017, 12:03

Could you post a link to it?

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by admin posted Jun 19 2017, 6:52

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