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do i have learning enabled for this

por bobred publicado Sep 11 2017, 13:24

Do I have to have learning enabled for this aiml script to work?chatbot .aiml

by bobred posted Sep 11 2017, 13:32

I uploaded the wrong thing here it is.chatbit.txt

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by admin posted Sep 11 2017, 13:37
No, this has nothing to do with learning.

The script does use a "set" named "thing", so for it to work you will need to define this set.
You can define a set from Self or import a JSON data file from your bot's Knowledge page.

Or you can just replace it with a list,

<pattern>do you know what a [house human dog cat]<pattern>

You might also consider using Self instead, as it can do more complex things like this.

In general learning is not recommended as it will cause your bot to learn new responses, which will most likely not be useful, and may be offensive.

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