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Javascript Functionality

por Rogues publicado Feb 24 2018, 20:52

Is it possible to create more functionality with our bots using javascript? I'd like to be able to make my bots do things like open web pages and initiate timers in between sequenced responses. If so is there a script template to build on? 

If not is there another way to do this? I'd like to begin building scripts that will allow this type of functionality. I'd also like to attempt building solutions for the mobile app version controls, things like setting alarms and taking notes. 

by admin posted Feb 25 2018, 12:15
It is possible to return JavaScript in a bot response, but this functionality is disabled on for security reasons. It is allowed on our commercial service Bot Libre for Business

But returning JavaScript is not recommend, the best solution for this is to use Bot Libre's command support.
You can associate a JSON command with a bot's response to be returned to the client.
Then in the client use the commands to process the desired functionality (JavaScript for web, or Java or other languages for Android, iOS, etc).


For Android we have an existing SDK that supports virtual assistant tasks and is extendable.

We would like to develop some common commands for the web as well in a JavaScript extension to our SDK.
We have something similar in our game SDK,

If you would like to contribute you are welcome to create a similar command-sdk.js for common web commands and submit it to our GitHub project,

Updated: Feb 25 2018, 12:16
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Publicado: Feb 24 2018, 20:52
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