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word search in definition

por bobred publicado Mar 20 2018, 11:48

can a chatbot on botlibre be made to do a word search in a particular definition from Wikipedia.

like for instance if it is asked do birds could search through a definition for the word fly.

And then say yes or say  birds can fly.

by admin posted Mar 20 2018, 16:57
If you enable the Wiktionary option in Learning & Settings the bot will automatically lookup new words in Wiktionary and import their definition, meaning, and synonyms into its object database.

The "WhatIs" script can also lookup and import the data on object from WikiData (Wikipedia's database).

Knowing the definition of fly is not enough to know if birds fly. You would also need to know what a bird is, and have the knowledge that a bird can fly.

I think with the Understanding script you could tell a bot this.

you: birds can fly.
bot: I understand, birds can fly.
you: can birds fly?
bot: Yes, birds can fly.

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