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could you make it so that

por bobred publicado May 22 2018, 15:50

could make it so that a chatbot could forget all information it has learned?a box a user check would suffice.

by admin posted May 23 2018, 8:56
To delete ALL of a bot's knowledge and responses go to its Admin Console, Knowledge, "Status" page.
Click on "Delete All", this will delete EVERYTHING in your bot including ALL responses, scripts, and knowledge.

If you do not wish the bot to learn new responses, you can disable learning from its Learning & Settings page. Learning is recommend to be disabled.

It is also possible to delete all a bot's "unpinned" data. Learned data is not pinned, so this would delete learned data. Note, it may also delete responses and other data if you did not pin them. Responses entered through the Training & Chat Logs page are normally pinned.

To delete all unpinned data you can edit your bot's details a decrease its "Knowledge limit" to a low number such as 10,000. You can then go to your bot's Knowledge "Reports & Tasks" page and click on "Run forgetfulness". This will delete all unpinned data. Be very careful doing this, as it may delete your bot's responses, important data, or corrupt your bot. You can then reset your bot's knowledge limit.

You can also export the responses you want your bot to have, delete all or create a new bot, and import the response list back.

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by bobred posted May 24 2018, 9:10

if my chatbot is corrupted what can I do? 

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by bobred posted May 24 2018, 9:15

does deleting all unpinned data delete aiml scripts?

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by admin posted May 24 2018, 12:35
Well it depends how corrupte it is.
If you have a script or response that is not working, you can delete and re-add the script or response.

If your bot has more serious issues, you can export the scripts/response lists you want from it, and import them into a new bot. You can also export, then reset the bot be clicking on "Delete All" from its Knowledge "Status" page, then re-import the scripts/response list.

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by admin posted May 24 2018, 12:36
This depends on if you selected "pin" when you imported the scripts.
If they were not pinned, then they will be deleted.

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