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twitter bot setup questions

por rich-iaddic publicado Mar 16 2019, 20:00

Hello:  I have a few questions about the twitterbot setup. 


1.) When wanting to post from an rss feed: how does the bot know to post articles from the feed.  I entered a feed into the feed dialog box but nothing ever is posted from the feed.

2.) I am searching using the words sip panel.  Sip panel is a phrase "sip panel".  when I enter sip panel in the search dialog I find my bot selects tweets to post that have either sip OR panel in them.  This is not what I need.  How do I inform twitterbot that I would like for it to search for the phrase }sip panel".

3.) How do I set up a search that mimics the Twitter advanced search.? I have several saved searches in twitter that I would like to turn over to the twitterbot however I am unsure how to "translate" and enter the advanced search paramaters.

Thanks,  Rich


by admin posted Mar 18 2019, 13:58
1 - What was the URL of the RSS feed you entered? Ensure it is a valid RSS feed (return RSS XML)

2 - The tweet search uses Twitter's tweet search API, it should search for tweets with all keywords (AND).
For OR use "sip OR panel"
For other options see,


3 - See above.

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by rich-iaddic posted Mar 18 2019, 15:34

Thanks for the reply: 

for #1.) I needed to wait until a new post came through the feed.  Now however, I can not get the feed function to deliver any post images?

The rss feed url is :  https://feed43.com/4425857468731282.xml   and contains graphics/images.  I am wanting to deliver the feed images!  That is the important element for me, the images.

An actual tweet only contains the txt and links like shown below:

kengo kuma's odunpazari modern museum in turkey to open in june https://t.co/2JL0HPFxIa

— Richard (@sip_panel) March 18, 2019

Any thoughts how to get the images through?

for #2 and #3) I had "sip panel" (without the quotes) on a single line but received results for both sip OR panel.  I may have glossed over the results to quickly so I will explore this with more care. 

The twitter search can be quite robust and contain not only operators (AND, OR..) but special features as well like returning tweets that use filters: most popular, safe, images etcetera.


a.) Do we URL encode the search string as we might see if we used the Twitter advanced search feature and copied the search from the url?

b.) Do we put the search on one line or do we place each element of the search on a separate line? 

Lastly:  if I place a search term on a separate line is each term a separate search?  Do the search terms interact in any way to become ORed or ANDed?

Example: search terms on separate lines




house filter:image


How does the search function work? 

c.) each term is a separate search

  • sip panel is a separate search
  • construction is a separate search
  • help is a separate search
  • house images are a separate search


d.) sip_panel OR construction OR help OR house filter:images is the search string


e.) sip_panel AND construction AND help AND house filter:images is the search string


Thanks,  Rich

Updated: Mar 18 2019, 21:30
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by admin posted Mar 18 2019, 21:32
We do not currently support scraping images from the RSS feed to post to Twitter. If you need this functionality subscribe to Bot Libre for Business and contact [email protected]

The search is passed directly to Twitter, it should not be URL encoded, and should be all on one line.

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by rich-iaddic posted Mar 20 2019, 19:18

Thank you, appreciate the feedback!

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