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Self, AIML, and scripting

HI Im new at AIML / Self languange

por sadmiral2 publicado Apr 12 2019, 9:53

as like the title. i wanna ask something

so right now im trying building facebook page autopost bot.

may with-ur-kindness , help me to script things like :

1. create a new variable, which it from a random numeric from 4 to 9

2. after get the variable number, we use it to create a total lists by the variable, ex: we got 5. so it will create a new list for 5 rows.


only it! thanks for admin and whoever who will answer this.

it just an example, i will elaborate it once i got the codes and learning from it! :)

by admin posted Apr 14 2019, 16:41

To create a random in Self use the Math.random() function,

var value = Math.random(5) + 4;

See, docs

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