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Offline Bots

por hanswurst publicado May 18 2019, 11:20


is there a way to have an own created libre Bot offline as desktop app?

I know there is an offline Bot Libre apllication, but every time I want to sign in into the desktop app with my User Account, it says:

"Server Error, ensure you are connected to the Internet"

But actually i am connected to the Internet, because the desktop app recognizes, when my password is wrong. Only if it's right it shows the error message above.

I hope you can understand my Problem and can help me :))


by admin posted May 19 2019, 8:03
I tested the desktop login and had no issue.
Make sure you are using your user id, not your email to login.

Also, you do not need to login for the desktop app, just click chat.

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by hanswurst posted May 19 2019, 9:43

Thank you very much, i noticed, that my Password was a line of c++ Code. That caused the Problem. :D i changed it, and then it worked...

But I still have the Problem that I can't use an own Bot Offline. there are only the six pre-existing Bots of the Offline Apllication and you can't add your own. Is there A way to have your own Bot offline?

Updated: May 20 2019, 7:44
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by admin posted May 20 2019, 7:45
The six choices are templates for creating your own bot. Once you create the bot you can train it as you wish.
Currently you can only train the bot through the correction button, there is no Admin Console in the desktop version yet. This would be our goal for the next release.

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