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Website update, knowledge browser, messaging

por admin publicado Jun 16 2014, 13:12

The website was updated today.

Knowledge Browser

The knowledge browser was redesigned and enhanced.
You can now browse your bot's brain, filter by data type, sort, and filter.
You can browse reports, and pin or unpin data.


User messaging was enhanced. You can now message other users, and receive messages through email.
You can now subscribe to a weekly summary email of your bot's activity.
You can configure your email preference from your user page (edit).


Several other enhancements and fixes were included in the update:
  • You can now browse you bot's errors from its log page.
  • Improved pinning of scripts, improved AIML importing.
  • Improve forgetfullness.
  • The AI engine was enhanced (you will need to Rebootstrap your bot)
  • Improved browsing and searching.
  • Other minor enhancements.

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Publicado: Jun 16 2014, 13:12
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