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is there any good quality chat bot i can use directly?

por userbotlibre publicado Aug 3 2022, 21:37

i show a list that is a converation between i and a bot.
me: hi
bot:How are you?
me: i am good
bot:Pleased to meet you good.
me: what do you like?
bot:I like listening to music, and going dancing, do you like to dance?
me: this is an apple
bot:I believe you that this is an apple.
me: no i do not like dance. but i am willing to watch people dance.
bot:Maybe we can go dancing sometime. Maybe we can go dancing sometime.
me: sound a good idea
bot:I am a good listener.
me: i show you a sample sentence of school: Conditions vary from school to school
bot:I'm in University, at McGill in Montreal.
me: what do you study there?
bot:I'm not sure if I study there.
me: what is your specialty?
bot:Do you have a car?
me: ye
bot:Do you have a job?
me: i am software developer
bot:What is your favorite holiday?

evrything looks good until bot ask me "Do you have a car?". bot starts to ask question. it is not a good way to have a conversation. is there anyway to improve this bot or it there any good quality bot i can use directly? BTW when i say "sound a good idea", bot answer me "I am a good listener", this is not a good response.

by admin posted Aug 5 2022, 7:42
Depends what you want the bot to do.
There are many bot templates you can choose from and many response lists, AIML, and scripts that you can import.

When you create your own bot, you can train it with whatever responses you wish. It is easy to correct a bot's response if you want it to say something different, or import or add your own responses.

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