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Combining Vision and NLP AI to Navigate the Metaverse

por admin publicado Aug 25 2022, 11:52

The goal for innovative and enterprising businesses is to be able to fully participate in the metaverse in order to have immersive interaction with their clients. To this end industries like health, banking, event planning, retail, gaming and education are all looking for, and investing into artificial intelligence (AI) solutions so they can interact with customers in the metaverse.

As the open-source chatbot and AI platform for the metaverse, we at Bot Libre have created AI solutions that allows our bots to navigate the metaverse. We have developed the OMNI deep learning model for metaverse-ready chatbots by combining vision deep learning models with NLP deep learning models to provide multiple senses, integrated learning , awareness and navigation in the Metaverse.

This will allow businesses to be functional and fully engaged with users in the Metaverse.

With these models, users can explore a variety of different locations to chat with Bot Libre’s chatbots and bots can walk around different 3D spaces following or guiding users through the space. With Bot Libre’s AI algorithms, the chatbot's avatars can avoid obstacles and find the shortest path to locations and objects.

Bot Libre's OMNI model enables bots to associate objects or location in the 3D scene with the user's speech or chat messages. The bot can identify what the user is talking about in relation to the context of the 3D scene.

Some cool things you can do is say to the bot, "Go to the bar" and it will find an object in the scene that looks like a bar and navigate to it, or "sit down in the chair", it will scan its surrounding for an object that looks like a chair and sit down. But wait, it gets better. The algorithm is only vision and NLP based, so not only will it work with any scene in the metaverse, but if you connected it to a robot, it could also work in the real world, or in augmented reality.

Key Features of Bot Libre Metaverse:

  • integrated chatbots, 3D avatars, and scenes
  • large library of avatars, clothing, morphs, and scenes
  • over 6 different avatar autonomous exploration and navigation modes
  • optimized path navigation algorithms
  • AI, deep learning based vision and NLP models
  • chatbot commands to navigate and interact in the metaverse
  • support for web, Android, iOS, Quest VR, 3D/VR/AR

Bot Libre is developing 3D and VR apps and SDKs to integrate the Bot Libre platform with the evolving Metaverse. If you are interested in using one of our solutions for your business, contact us at [email protected] .

Two Developers Are Better Than One - Join Us

Bot Libre is looking for businesses, organizations, and developers that are interested in being early adopters of Metaverse technologies through our Beta Program. If you are interested in getting early access to innovative ideas and tech experts, apply now by contacting [email protected] .

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