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RE: Create bots with a real brain

por aazxcqwe publicado Jan 9 2015, 1:45

Wonderful! Thanks for the explanation and the examples.

I've added a "Hello World!" script to give new people a jump off point for a working response. One other request I have if I may, is might it be possible for the bot to reply with a response's formula (if it has one) when including a request for it? Something like "What is the formula for 'What is the hour?'". This would make debugging possible from the app alone and by voice. I could see meta-formulas forming from individual components, and debugging by asking 'What do you do next?'. Similarly, asking 'What script did you use for that?' would be useful, especially with lots of scripts. A tool for searching the knowledge base this way would be also very informative - that I might be able to script.

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Publicado: Jan 9 2015, 1:45
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