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Bugs and Features : Define formula response not working?

RE: Define formula response not working?

por aazxcqwe publicado Jan 9 2015, 15:01

Let me know when I should check if this is working. :)

Also, I have noticed scripts seeming to work only after I've moved them to the top of the script list, though I don't have responses that look like they are from other (higher priority) scripts.

I've added a HelloWorld script, but I had to use 'return response:' for output, whereas in your CalculatorStateMachine I only see Quotient:1.00:Equation:_ statements. I hope I'm not complicating this into a future snag.

It seems like in the assign operator, it would make grammatical sense to 'assign Value to Variable', not the other way around.

It would be great to be able to "//" comment out in the middle of a non-root state or an equation for testing different lines without having to move them.
EDIT: I think comments only work with a space after the forward slashes, like "// ". Yes, but still not inside non-root state blocks.

And are the terminating semi-colons necessary? How does Python get away with not using them? Is this strong of tying required? As is would make voice programming more simple and streamline.

Thanks again!


Yeah, I'm not understanding the evaluation flow in the Hello World script. I'm trying to simply have two different responses based upon respective inputs by appending two different variables to a single response and returning it. I think I might be making this more complicated, but I'm not seeing my error. I'm currently debugging the one in my test123's scripts and then I'll correct the one I put up in the library.

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