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FAQ : How to define template responses?

RE: How to define formula responses?

por admin publicado Jan 19 2015, 19:39

You can add any relationship between words that you wish. The system will define the #next and #previous relationships for words that appear together in sentences. Also a word can be an #instantiation of a #compound-word or have a #compound-word relationship for things like names "Barack Obama" and compound adjectives "very tall".

Not exactly sure what the end result you want is? I think Self is missing some operators though for more in depth queries, such as maybe "get relationship from :source to :target" (return how the objects are related, or "get relationship depth from :source to :target max :max" (find if/how deep the two objects are related), "all relationships from :source" (iterate over all relationships) "count relationships from :source of type :type" (return count of relationships).

I will add these to our todo list, if you can think of others, please reply to this thread.

For the default bot, do you mean from the web interface, or the Android interface? For the web interface you can click on browse, then "My Bots". Android also saves the last bot accessed in browse. You can also bookmark a bot by its id url in the web interface.

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