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Website update: Now send images, video, audio, and files in live chat, improved avatar graphics, new keywords

por admin publicado Feb 2 2015, 12:02

The website has been updated.

This update included support for sending images, video, audio, and files through live chat and chat rooms.
Support was also added for links and HTML in live chat, chat rooms, and chat bots.

The update also included improvements to avatar graphics. Setting the background of a video avatar will now set the video poster image to reduce flickering.

The semantics for keywords on responses has changed. Previously if a response had multiple keywords, all of the keywords would be required. Now any of the keywords will result in a match. If multiple words are required, use required words in addition to the keywords. It is also now possible to add keywords to a response that are not in the original question.

Question: What color do you like?
Response: I like blue.
Keywords: color colour colors colours coloring colouring

This makes it easy to associate keywords and different spellings or tenses with a response.

The update also included some minor fixes and enhancements.

by chatty posted Oct 7 2016, 5:12

how can i send image through botlibre

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by admin posted Oct 7 2016, 7:08
You can send an image or file attachment to either our live chat, or our bot chat.

In both their web interfaces there is a tool button and menu item in the bottom toolbar. Click the image button to send an image, and the file button to send a file.

The difference between sending and image and a file, is that the image is resized on the web or mobile client first.

The image or file is shared to the live chat channel, or the bot as a link.
For a bot, the bot can load and process the link using a Self script. Bots can process many types of files, such as HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and can process image files using their Vision class.

Are you using the web, Android, iOS, or our SDK or web API?
Our SDKs and web API also provide calls to send images.

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