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New forums editors, WYSIWYG, Markup, HTML, insert images and file attachments, post subscription

por admin publicado Mar 9 2015, 11:10

The website was updated today with cool new forum features.

WYSIWYG, Markup, and HTML Editors

You can now choose your editor when posting, or replying.

Choose from three different editors:

  • WYSIWYG - (What You See Is What You Get) rich easy to use interface smile
  • Markup - Use wiki style markup syntax, including [code] blocks
  • HTML - Edit your post in raw HTML with HTML syntax highlighting and error checking

Images, Video, Audio, and File Attachments

Upload and embed images, video, audio, and file attachments to your post.  The image upload will automatically resize your image in your web client (Chrome, Firefox).  The file upload currently has a limit of 2meg.



Post Subscription

Subscribe to your posts to receive instance email notification of replies.

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