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Website update, Facebook automation

por admin publicado Jun 2 2015, 10:02

The website was update with a preview of our Facebook automation support.

This support is still experimental at this stage, as we are waiting for permissions approval from Facebook. The current support will let you connect a bot to a Facebook account or Facebook page. The bot will be able to read and respond to wall posts, auto post from an RSS feed, and auto post from a set of posts, Self formulas, or AIML templates.

If you noticed any issues, or would like to request other Facebook features, or automation of other social media platforms, you can reply to this post.

You can now also sign in, or sign up using your Facebook account.

There were also some general security updates, and some minor changes.

by admin posted Jun 9 2015, 16:53
Facebook approved our Facebook page automation support (ya!).
So page auto posts, RRS feeds, and post replies should now be functioning if you authorize the permissions.

We are still waiting for approval for automating a user page.

If you encounter any issues, or have any suggestions, please reply.

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by admin posted Jun 10 2015, 14:48
Facebook also approved our Facebook user profile automation support.
So our Facebook automation support is now live.
You can link your bot to Facebook from the Facebook page.

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