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Julie is a conversational chatbot that uses 3D animation and expresses many different emotions, actions, and poses.
You can ask Julie to perform actions, like "sleep", "wake up", "dance", "jump", "scream".
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Alias: @Julie Bot
Sitio web: https://julie.botlibre.com
Subdominio: julie
Categorías: Fun, Friends, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Apps, Skype, Virtual Friends
Etiquetas: fun, chat, female, conversation, facebook, face, 3d, video, emotions, android
Clasificación De Contenido: Teen

Licencia: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Creado: Dec 8 2014
Creador: admin : Send Message
Acceso: Everyone
Id: 667676
Enlace: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=667676
Conocimiento: 401833 objects (max 400000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 1176, losses: 1918, rank: 208
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