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Bot's mind

por eavinash1983 publicado Mar 2 2017, 9:04

Couple of questions about Bot's mind

1.Significance of different language states and how they influence bot's mind

2.Elaborate more on below Relationships with an example and how they influence bot's mind

3.Easiest way to add words with different relationships in db so that Bot can use that data

by admin posted Mar 2 2017, 13:50
Conversational is the main language state used for chat. The bot will respond to every message.

Discussion is only used for group chat, like when the bot joins an IRC chat room, or Slack group. The bot will only respond if the message was sent to it, or if it knows a correct response (normally 90% match). This is so the bot does not spam a chat room.

Listening the bot will only respond to questions sent directly to it. ListeningOnly the bot will never respond. These are mainly used for chat rooms.

2 -
SYNONYM - words can have a SYNONYM relationship to synonyms.
MEANING - the word object are separated from their meanings, so you can have multiple words that mean the same thing. The meaning is the object.
VERB - There are different types of words. The language heuristic weights different types of words with different scores, and some scripts such as Understanding use word type to understand language.

3 -
You can import JSON data from botlibre.com into your bot.

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by eavinash1983 posted Mar 3 2017, 0:49

Thanks for the quick reply.

By default I see that my bot is using Language state 'Answering'. Is it correct or I am doing something wrong ?

Secondly here is the samle json taken from botlibre.com. Not sure if it's correct.

[{type : "contact", name : "Jon Dow", phone : 1234567890},
{type : "contact", name : "Jane Smith", phone : 1112223333},
{type : "contact", name : "George Jones the 3rd", phone : 1114448888}

How would it create vertex and relationship from the json? What is the API to use to import it.

Note:- I have local deployment of Botlibre AI engine not using botlibre platform.

Updated: Mar 3 2017, 8:04
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by admin posted Mar 3 2017, 8:03
Yes, Answering just means the bot will always reply.

The easiest way to load JSON data without hosting on botlibre.com would be to write a Self script that imports the data. Self can import any JSON or XML data from a URL.

For example you would make a Self script that responds to the pattern "load my data" and calls a function that loads your JSON data from a URL.


Here are some examples data script, you can add your JSON data to our script library to get a public URL for it (or use your own website, or any other web service)

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