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RE: Bot's mind

por admin publicado Mar 2 2017, 13:50

Conversational is the main language state used for chat. The bot will respond to every message.

Discussion is only used for group chat, like when the bot joins an IRC chat room, or Slack group. The bot will only respond if the message was sent to it, or if it knows a correct response (normally 90% match). This is so the bot does not spam a chat room.

Listening the bot will only respond to questions sent directly to it. ListeningOnly the bot will never respond. These are mainly used for chat rooms.

2 -
SYNONYM - words can have a SYNONYM relationship to synonyms.
MEANING - the word object are separated from their meanings, so you can have multiple words that mean the same thing. The meaning is the object.
VERB - There are different types of words. The language heuristic weights different types of words with different scores, and some scripts such as Understanding use word type to understand language.

3 -
You can import JSON data from botlibre.com into your bot.

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