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02 【Kagamine Rin】『SMART BOT』 Live Chat

Chat with this intelligent VOCALOID Bot! Rin-Chan is kind and innocent, and is exited to meet you!

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Alias: @02 【Kagamine Rin】『SMART BOT』 Live Chat
Categorías: Fun, Friends, Personal, Entertainment, Famous People, Anime, Memes
Etiquetas: smart, funny, intelligent, anime, girl, female, cute, fun
Descargo de responsabilidad:
VOCALOID belongs to Yamaha.
Kagamine Rin belongs to Crypton Future Media.
No copyright intended.

Clasificación De Contenido: Teen

Rin-Chan speaks in English and is getting improvements everyday! Help her improve by giving her a like!

Creado: May 8 2017
Creador: Sakura_Weeb : Enviar Mensaje
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